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Amane Misa
Its happening all over again. Misa is at a loss for words, yet it all seems completely logical. Misa doesn't like this lockdown though. Its even worse that the men come and go of their own free will, in and out of Misa's room. It's annoying and I don't like it! Where the hell are the bouncers? Are they not locked in this place too??

Who else does Misa know in this club? 

Misa doesn't like Ira, she cut Misa's finger and used the blood to sign a contract! Now, Misa can only do as she is told. Hopefully, Ira will keep her word and bring Raito to Misa. Misa deserves it!! Already 10 names written. 

Maybe Misa should write down the names of the men in this club. Oh, how Misa wishes she had the eyes back...

[ ooc: strikes = unhackable to all, except the supremacies of course ]
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Matt, it's okay. Misa understands...

Misa met with Equus yesterday. A very nice man. Much nicer than some people here. Misa likes Equus, but still isn't sure if she trusts him.
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Misa cannot even trust him.

Misa is all alone here...

Raito, where are you? Misa needs you...

[ ooc: strikes are deleted ]
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These dirty old men are starting to get on Misa's nerves. What ever happened to looking but not touching? Misa is no ones property! The nerve of them. If Raito was here, he'd teach them a lesson. Perverts. hmph.
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Misa ran into Mr. Equus today. He was nice enough to Misa, so Misa doesn't hate him.

They are here. All three of them. Misa hates them, and wonders why they are here. They cannot be trusted...Maybe Misa can talk to Equus and see if something can be done...
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This place looks different. Misa wakes up from a photo shoot and here Misa is... A purple person came to me after a show, and... Here Misa is!

Its not home, but it's just as good... Except there is no Raito here. What will Misa do without her Raito??
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